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We proudly announce that PhD. Carlos A. Ruiz, Director of Energy Management Systems at Soteica VisualMESA, has been invited to make a presentation at the ceremony commemorating the  Chemical Engineer´s day to be held on July 1st, at the Facultad de Ingeniería Química of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Santa Fe, Argentina.


The Facultad de Ingeniería Química at UNL commemorate 95 years of the beginning of  the first classes and celebrate the Chemical Engineer’s Day.

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Energy Consumption Visibility Is First Step to Savings
Rigorous Models, Complete with Equipment Limitations and Emissions Constraints, Help Users Optimize Energy Costs

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Refineries Get Back on Track to Save Energy
Visual MESA Systems Empower Improved Operational Efficiencies in Real Time.
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Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the November release of Energy Performance Analytics (EP-Analytics), a software tool that uses energy performance indicators (EnPI) to track how energy is being consumed in a plant, identifies gaps between EnPI targets and actual performance, and helps to identify countermeasures to improve energy performance.

The EP-Analytics software is powered by the Visual MESA™ energy management and optimization solution.

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A new article was published in Petroleum Technology Quarterly, April 2014

KNPC Mina Al-Ahmadi refinery increases energy efficiency and energy costs reduction through the implementation of a real-time online energy management system.

Real Time Online Energy Management. Creating a model of a refinery energy system validated with real time data increased energy efficiency and reduced total energy costs.

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It is Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC) and its Subsidiaries policy to ensure that all energy will be managed in accordance with best engineering environmental practices and within regulatory compliance at all times. All operations must be committed to institute an energy efficiency program and minimize the emissions of pollutants including global warming gases. As part of the activities to follow those premises, energy management cells (EMCs), have been formed at each of the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) refineries: Mina Al-Ahmadi (MAA), Shuaiba (SHU) and Mina Abdulla (MAB). Such cells implemented an energy management program based on best international practices and on real-time online optimization. This paper describes the tasks performed to develop and implement real-time, online model for the KNPC MAA refinery energy cost minimization and energy management.

LARTC 3rd Annual Meeting

Soteica Visual MESA will be participating of the 3rd ERTC Latin American Conference, April 9th and 10th, in Cancun, Mexico.

We will be presenting the paper: “Real Time Energy Management at YPF Ensenada Refinery and Petrochemical Complex

This paper covers the following main points:

– Update of the Visual MESA Sitewide Real Time Energy Management and Optimization model (incorporation of new plants and additional new steam pressure level)
– Generation of multi-level Energy KPIs (operation, supervisor, management)
– What-if studies for planning and engineering

If you are planning to participate of the conference and/or you are interested in energy cost reduction and efficiency improvement, please contact us.

Soteica Visual MESA and KNPC present: “Real time online energy management at KNPC Mina Al-Ahmadi refinery”, at 18th ERTC Annual Meeting 2013, Nov 19-21th, Budapest.
2013-11-04 10_50_37-Home - ERTC 18th Annual Meeting
The main aspects to be presented are:
– One of the world’s modern refineries in terms of both refining capacity, which exceeds 460,000 bpd and the advanced technology it employs
– Many challenges to operate the energy system including trade-offs among electrical system, steam and fuels networks
– Achieved reduction in energy cost and CO2 emissions using Visual MESA system
Soteica Visual MESA sponsors 18th ERTC Annual Meeting 2013 and will have a display area there.
Visit us so that we can discuss how Soteica Visual MESA can help you and your company to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency.
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Sebastián Cúneo, Sales Director, will present  “Real Time Online Energy Management at KNPC Refineries” at the KOGS, Kuwait Oil & Gas Show and Conference.

KOGS to be held in Kuwait from 7-10 Oct 2013.

2013-10-08 11_49_37-KOGS 2013 _ 7 – 10 October 2013 _ Kuwait Oil and Gas Show 2013
Real Time Online Energy Management at KNPC Refineries” by Mohammad Ershaid, Ahmad Al-Tarkeet (KNPC Mina Al-Ahmadi Refinery),  Jamilah Al-Mutairi (KNPC Mina Abdullah Refinery),  Salwa Al-Anezi (KNPC Shuaiba Refinery), Dhanasekar Periyasamy (EBS),  Carlos Ruiz, Diego Ruiz, Oscar Santollani, Sebastian Cuneo (Soteica Visual MESA).



Tyler Reitmeier, Director of Sales at Soteica Visual MESA LLC, will present “Driving Sustainable Savings in Utility Operations through a Site-wide Energy Model” at the Texas Industrial Energy Management Forum, AIChe.

Texas Industrial Energy Management Forum
Presented at the 2013 AIChE Southwest Process Technology Conference
Oct. 3, 2013 9:30 am – Noon
Moody Gardens Convention Center, Galveston, Texas
Registration open at

2013-09-11 17_57_47-texasiof.ceer.utexas.edu_PDF_Meetings_2013_External Program 2013 AICHE.pdf

New Release – Visual Mesa Version 4.1

Soteica Visual Mesa LLC Announces the Release of Visual Mesa Version 4.1 at PRWeb.

Visual Mesa software is used for energy management and optimization at large industrial complexes around the world. Version 4.1, now available, provides significant functional improvements to enhance modeling capabilities and improve the user-interface including the addition of Japanese and Russian language support.
Houston, Texas (PRWEB) August 13, 2013

Soteica Visual Mesa LLC. (, a leading provider of energy management, emissions management, production-yield accounting and supply chain scheduling software solutions for the oil, gas, petrochemical and district energy industries, announces the release of VisualMesa™ Energy Management and Optimization Software version 4.1.

“We are very excited about the release of VisualMesa Energy Management and Optimization Software version 4.1, which accents our dynamic partnership with Yokogawa Electric.” said Soteica Visual Mesa’s Chief Executive Officer, Oscar Santollani. “The technological excellence embodied in the new release enhances the user experience, provides innovative functionality and delivers greater value and benefits to our customers.”

Soteica Visual Mesa’s Chief Technology Officer, David Nelson said: “We continue to improve and enhance Visual Mesa as the industry leader in Energy System Real-Time Modeling and Optimization software solution. With more than 70 installations of VisualMesa Energy Management and Optimization systems worldwide and with top companies including super major oil companies and is the only energy and utility optimizer used in closed-loop optimization of major oil refineries, Version 4.1 builds on almost 30 year of work and experience since the first MESA program was released in 1983. This innovative version unifies the user interface so all users enjoy the same, modern and user-friendly experience in a browser or on the desktop with Microsoft Visio.”

Some of other functional improvements in version 4.1 include:

  •      New, modern unified forms interface for desktop and web
  •      District energy support. Better chiller modeling and other unit operations. Our next version will support a multi-period optimizer which is now available as a prototype.
  •      For more accurate and easy real-time process modeling we have created a new Biasing Block. This allows easy bias calculation between measured and modeled values. The biasing block has also been embedded in the emissions block where we can more easily bias a complete set of constituent measurements
  •      To more easily infer equipment or unit status (on or off) we created a “Status Equation” block. This allows the user to more easily determine from single or multiple measurements if a piece of equipment or units is in operation.
  •      Language support for Japanese and Russian. Currently Visual Mesa supports the following languages; Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.
  •      Automatic custom report output now supports PDF as well as HTML and Excel output


About Soteica Visual Mesa LLC

Soteica Visual Mesa LLC ( is a leading provider of energy and emissions management-optimizer, production-yield accounting and supply chain scheduling software solutions for the oil, gas, petrochemical and district energy industries. With headquarters in Houston, Texas and major offices in Argentina and Spain coupled with our global alliance with Yokogawa Electric, Soteica Visual Mesa provides software technology, applications services and customer support to top companies worldwide.

Ref. PRWeb.